Since its establishment in 2008, PARZIN brand has been adhering to the development path of paying equal attention to functionality and fashion, and is committed to protecting every user's lovely eyes.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and other countries registered their own brand, and participated in Milan Fashion Week many times.

We have our own independent design and production team, combining with the most popular fashion trends, to produce high quality sunglasses.



Since 2018, we have 2,000 square meters of integrated storage space for delivery and storage to meet the needs of global customers.



 As the market for eyeglasses expanded, we set up a new optician team.

With the current market of high quality lens matching machine, lens grinding precision and fast, we can quickly complete the customization of myopia or reading glasses.




Product Service


Based on the UV400 protective film, we have added polarized sunglasses with anti-glare, not only for daily wear, but also for sports anti-slip glasses, ski goggles and so on.

We not only protect our eyes from strong ultraviolet rays, but also dabble in the use of blue light glasses, reading glasses, myopia glasses and other aspects.
From functionality to fashion charm, even during the epidemic, we devoted ourself to the research and development of fashion glasses and never gave up.

Attention 1 - PARZIN's sunglasses are designed to fit European and American faces, with most of the lenses over 60mm wide.

Attention 2 - Some of our sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses. If you can not used to polarized lenses, please read the product description carefully and choose non-polarized shades.


Choose your favorite frame, and then choose the lens you need, we can customize for you!

Please learn about the operation of customized lenses according to the video, or chat with us directly!



Fast Delivery

In order to let each customer can quickly and safely receive the product, we choose high-quality express service provider cooperation, special line transportation, tracking every order, to ensure the quality and arrival time.





PARZIN Customer Service Team

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Address: Room 2407, Tianheng Building, No. 1509, Binsheng Road, Xixing Street, Binjiang District (NOTE:This Is Not Return Address)

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