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Free Shipping 15-30 Day

Free shipping is available for orders over $5. Delivery time is around 15-30 days.If the buyer has special time requirements and less than $150, you can pay $30 to enjoy the express service for 7-12 days.

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Free FedEx / DHL 7 -12 Day Shipping

Free FedEx 7-12-Day Shipping is available exclusively to the U.S. on orders over $150. FedEx 7-12-Day packages are delivered Monday through Friday.


Free returns are available on all U.S. order within 14 days of shipment.

*Free Shipping is not available with some promotions and other restrictions may apply.



If issues experienced with the frame include a manufacturer's defect, or an issue resulting from an inherent flaw in the product, PARZIN provides a 180 day warranty from the time of purchase. If you feel your product meets these requirements, please email explaining the nature of your warranty claim and all necessary details.

Scratched lenses and physical damage are not covered by warranty. 

* About Myopic Glasses: Each pair of myopic glasses is tailored to the buyer's needs (pupil distance and SPH). That is, each pair of myopic glasses is unique. So myopic glasses are not returnable once sold! After the buyer places the order, we will confirm with the buyer, again and again, to ensure that there is no problem with the products purchased.

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