If you want to custom myopic glasses, please contact our customer service, and provide your prescription.


Click on any of the contact information below, you can contact online, we will solve your problem as soon as possible.


How to customize the lens operation?

 1. Choose the frame ( Click on Eyeglasses for more style choices)



2. Click on the style you like


3. After the slide there will be a selection of lenses, please click


4. Choice the lens type, if you need myopic lenses, please choose first one. 


5. ''Upload File'' >> Upload your Prescription List Picture directly

    "Enter Manually" >> Enter the prescription data and upload your Prescription List Picture (BEST CHOICE for Custom Lenses)


5. If you choose  "Enter Manually", please fill in the data according to the actual situation.


6. Next, we should select the lens according to your SPH (How nearsighted you are)

If you don't know how to choose, you can click CHAT in the lower left corner and contact us!


7. Once your customized information is complete, it will enter the shopping cart, you can select the coupon, and then click PayPal to pay.




Operation Video

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